Friday, December 07, 2007

On the Mend

Now if I were mending blue jeans today, that would be a great pun...

Thanks for the well-wishes! In the long run, I think I was more embarrassed than hurt. Fortunately, I *didn't* hit my tail bone...I cracked that when I was in high school and know how long that agony can last. My glutes *are* achy, especially when sitting down and rising, but it's not that tail bone pain that can make me my ears ring; it'll heal.

I was afraid I'd have double shiners, too; I could just see myself in choir Sunday with raccoon eyes. But bruising has been minimal, so that won't be a problem. The little scrape on my nose broke open and bled sometime overnight and now I have this lovely little scab right between my eyes. I've got to put my contacts in because my glasses sit right on the sore place, so I'm going to go out looking a little dog

I did put yesterday to some productive, non-physical work; I printed out 120 copies of the Christmas Epistle so that we can get those in envelopes over the weekend and out in the mail. I had to babysit the printer the whole time; it did NOT want to play nice yesterday, having a penchant for jam (paper or carriage; we had both). I also went through two cartridges each of both color and black ink. Amazing how fast that goes. But, it would've cost us $240 to get it printed at Kinko's, so it was worth it.

The only thing I did that was sewing pertinent yesterday was nearly break my fabric moratorium. One of my favorite internet vendors sent out an email about a sale, and included in the sale was some fabric that I'd been eyeing since she posted it. I'm telling you, I had an email ordering some all ready to go...and I hit 'delete' instead of send (Note to self: Make sure you're about 20 yards AHEAD of parity by December 1 next year so you can take advantage of such sales). If she's still got any when I reach parity, I'm buying some. Period.

But the sinus-headachey feeling is pretty much gone today so I took My Sweet Baboo to work so I could have a car to go out and shop. Gotta get another whack on it; I really want to be done (or close to done) by the end of next week.

Then I can sew without distractions ;)


  1. Glad to hear you're feeling better! Such restraint, too, regarding the fabric - you've got a lot of character!

  2. I'm sooo far behind in reading blogs.
    I hope you're feeling much better now.

    Looking over your YTD stats, you have been ONE productive lady. You must be very proud of all you've accomplished over the past year!

    I've enjoyed reading your blog entries and your PR reviews and look forward to next year to see what you will sew.

  3. Lisa, I'm sorry to hear you fell while skating! That must have hurt. Glad you're feeling better today. DO take it easy!

  4. Oops! Hélène is in fact Isabelle. ;) Hélène, my little sister, came over to check her email on my computer and apparently she forgot to sign out from her Google account! LOL