Friday, December 14, 2007

Not the Holy Grail

I finished the Neue Mode blouse last night (Review Here)and I have two thoughts: 1) I'm glad I didn't use pricey fabric and 2) I'm glad this will get worn under sweaters. It's a mess...the front pulls and the back bags and the sleeves are too long. The collar, however, is just about perfect. So maybe I've got one good element from it. I could, I think, with a muslin or two and a lot of patience, get a fitted blouse out of this. I might even learn something along the way...but I'm not sure I've got that much patience.

I've got another, very similarly styled shirt cut from this fabric in a Kwik Sew pattern..I'll see how they compare once the KS shirt is done.

Today I'm changing thread colors and forging on; I've got just a hair over 12 yards to go to get to parity and some dress-up clothes to make for a Christmas gift. I can do this, I can, I can... ;)

1 comment:

  1. Your comparison should be interesting. Good for you for finding the silver lining: the collar and that this can be worn underneath sweaters so really only the collar shows.