Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Mom, I had an idea..."

When DD the Elder utters this phrase, carrying a bag from Wal-Mart containing fabric and a pattern, my knees tend to get just a little wobbly.

Turns out she and some girlfriends are going to the swanky new movie theater in town this weekend, and they want to all dress in psuedo-40's glam (to suit the swankiness of the theater). So she wanted a glam wrap. Hence the pattern, Simplicity 3921, and 5/8 yard of fake fur. ('You do have some brown lining I can use, right?' Um, yeah, probably.)

She wanted view I, only with a wider neckline so that it looked less like a capelet and more like a wrap. Well, I was feeling too punky to go to church last night anyway, so I traced the pattern and altered it for her. I will offer great advice along the way. But she will cut the stuff out and sew it up. "Oh, this will be easy," she said, looking at the pattern guide.

Spoken with the optimism ignorance can afford.

I looked at the pattern guide last night, and made a couple of marks on the pattern tracing for her to leave open in the shoulder/side seam of the lining to turn the work; I'm thinking turning it through an opening in the bottom in the lining/jacket seam probably won't work so good. And I redrew all her seams at 5/8" (the front and bottom seam were 3/8") She can trim them after sewing them...the fur is bulky and I think she'd have a hard time sewing a narrow seam.

This will be interesting.

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  1. I have really enjoyed this post - and have noted your optimism quote. Priceless!