Sunday, December 09, 2007

Choir Sundays #15

This month's colors: Red and black
Vest: RTW embroidered cotton velveteen; it's been around for, oh, a minimum of 6 years.
Blouse: OOP Kwik Sew that I haven't even reviewed yet. I think the blouse is older than the vest. It's a poly peachskin; pretty color, but, well, polyester....
Pants: Black cotton twill Vogue 7881 again. I wanted to wear the new black gab Oxfords, but it was 67 degrees F when we left for church this morning; I didn't feel quite like roasting in wool pants w/a liner. That was a good call; I was *plenty* warm in the velveteen vest! Maybe next week....

Too bad you can't see my 'red w/white and glittery gold poinsettias' socks! LOL

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