Saturday, April 18, 2009

Opening Night Sucess

Considering last week's grueling rehearsal schedule, and the fact that there had already been a performance for middle school students earlier in the day, the show went very well. I could tell the kids were tired, though. After last night's performance, the director called the cast in and, instead of giving notes, told them to go straight home and sleep for 12 hours.

Which The Actor was most happy to do. Me, I think I slept about 10. Which was probably too much, given what I need to do today. It's our annual Father-Daughter banquet at church; I'm wimping on the set up though, in an effort to get laundry within reason and groceries in the larder. I'll be there at 4:30 to serve and clean up, though.

Also, tomorrow is the Artist's 21st birthday, so I have some cake baking to do.

We will be ordering the photo CD, so I'll post pictures of the costumes on stage as soon as we get it. I counted...according to the program, there were 35 people who helped sew/craft costumes.

And every one of 'em was essential!


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