Friday, January 27, 2006

You want WHAT?

Well...we had some interesting things happen while sewing the baptismal robes yesterday. No, they're not done, but I think Miss M and I can finish them up at home w/o too much trouble; the worst (the zipper) is done in all of them.

Anyway, we were scheduled to use the fellowship hall. Got there, got everything (sewing machines, serger, ironing board/iron) all arranged on tables and plugged in, pulled out the first robe and turned on my sewing power. Tried the iron and the other sewing machine. Also no power. The lights were on, mind you, so it was the electrical outlets that weren't working. I carried my serger around the room, plugging into various outlets. We found two that had power, but they were well apart (Found out later that, due to some electrical work being done in the sanctuary, some of the circut breakers had been turned off).

So, we moved the whole process into the main entry hall, where all the outlets had power, and set up shop there. Started sewing an hour late. I'd sewn maybe one seam, when my cell phone rang; one of the church secretaries asking me to make something for our Pastor for our first Saturday night Uplink service (fellowship meal followed by a 90-minute produced service; a rally-type thing. Not your normal church service-- which is a week from tomorrow). As she described it, he wanted a fishing vest with computer cable plug-ins attached for a visual that he would use in his illustrated sermon. I agreed to purchase the vest and see what I could do; our worship leader, who is also the all-things-techie person on the staff, would pick up the necessary connection pieces. All I would do would be attach them to the vest. I was sort of thinking I'd stick the connection things in the pockets of the sewing vest,make a hole in the pocket and just screw the faceplates to the hookups right through the fabric over said hole; at least, that was what I was going to try.

One seam sewn later, Pastor walks through the hall. "Hey, someone's going to call you about Uplink." I commented that Ms. Secretary had already spoken to me and asked for clarification. Um, no, not a fishing vest...something high tech looking...with some thickness to it that the connector thingees can be put into.

Um, I'm confused here, but got the impression he was looking for a black life preserver. I'll go look at Wal-Mart.

Then, about 10 minutes later, Mr. Worship Leader and Tech Guru walks through the hall and Miss M asked him about the connectors. Yeah, he was planning to get them that day. You know he wants a high-tech looking vest, right?

Um, it sounded like a life preserver to us. One that buckles?

No, something techie...something that closes with silver, maybe. You know-- those sharp ones.

Well, we're not boat people so I really don't know and I'm still confused. But on the way home it hit me what he of those snazzy Jet Ski vests. That makes sense.

Now all I have to do is 1)find one...where does one find Jet Ski vests in January? and 2) figure out how to attach computer cable connectors to it securely and 3)finish the two baptismal robes I brought home.

At least I'm glad they ran into us...otherwise I would've done up a fishing vest from Wal-Mart!


  1. When you were describing the vest I was thinking of something like this.

    I think a jet ski vest will be a lot cheaper though! :)

  2. LOL! Yup, that Michael Kors vest would be just right! But it's a little pricey to slice and dice computer plug-ins into it! However, I could see being asked to MAKE something like that! {shudder}.
    Actually, I found a jet ski vest at Wal-Mart for less than 30 bucks. It's black and bright royal silver, there are visibility issues w/floatation devices...and it buckles. so I may have to do some modification. I'm going to take it to church tomorrow for Dear Pastor to try on and we'll go from there.