Friday, January 13, 2006

Good Intentions

Finally got the scanner to work; here's the plaid that is option one on the SWAP. One of those taupey looking threads really is pale pink...honest!

I will I will I will cut out the interfacing for that jacket and skirt today...and maybe go ahead and cut the rib knit tops from the fabric that is lying on my sewing machine table as well.

And finish the laundry and get the budget caught up and clean the kitchen and....


  1. Your fabric looks good. My monitor does not show any pink. Read other postings, looks like you are going to use this for the SB pattern. Like reading people progression posts. I am off to try KS Twist Top. Wish me luck, as I am not doing well with the Plain And Simple T from Hotpatterns. I can't figure the sizing with those.

  2. My monitor doesn't show any pink, either. But it's there! ;)

    I did get the interfacing all cut out's off to the ironing board today.

    I've got that twist top pattern, too, but havne't gotten nervy enough to make it yet. It's drawn awfully low; I guess I ought to go over to PR and check the reviews to see if it's really as low as pictured.

  3. I raised it some on mine. I reviewed it today on PR and on my blog.

  4. I saw the reviews on the P&S T and the Twist them but didn't have time to comment. I need to look at that top pattern; it seems to me that raising the twist would affect the bust shaping. But I haven't even broken the seal on the envelope yet! I've got the Vogue half-twist T from Issye Miyake to try, too...but that one needs fabric that's the same on both sides. Maybe after SWAP...