Saturday, January 07, 2006

The SWAP is Semi-Set

I ordered my fabric Thursday from Timmel Fabrics, so I'm officially 'in' for the SWAP 2006 challenge. I ordered 3 meters (about 3 3/8 yds) of what looks to be a very nice shirt weight cream linen, which will be a blouse of some the moment, I'm thinking La Fred's Athena Blouse, but I may change my mind when I actually touch the linen. We'll see.

But the bulk of the SWAP is set...and I'm still not sure exactly which direction I will go. See, I have some gorgeoriffic blue/black/cream/grey tweed that I got last fall to make a jacket and, since our choir colors are blue and black for February, I need it by then to wear in the choir. But I haven't tested the pattern yet (Vogue 8043 from Sandra Betzina) even though I did try on samples at her seminar back in April and decided that a size C, with a little more ease added, would fit pretty well.

Anyway, the 'test' see if my 'C with more ease' will to be made in the black/grey/cream/pink plaid wool blend suiting that is in the sewing nook photos. Now, aside from the pink in the test fabric and the blue in the tweed, these fabrics have the same colors. So I have two options with the SWAP. For both options, I can use the black RPL pieces I made the last week in December, the cream linen, a cream silk jacquard I got from Vogue Fabrics at Expo '05, a grey rayon/lycra rib knit, a white rayon/lycra (finer) rib knit, and my morph piece will be to 'LH Europeanize' the New Look pattern I used for the black RPL; add darts and a zipper to the waistline...and possibly cuffs to the bottom of the legs...out of grey wool flannel. If I go with the test fabric, I can use an already-in-the-wardrobe perfect pink mock-t shell for the last top; if I go with the tweed I'll have to make a skirt and a blouse out of a black/blue rayon cross dye I got from Textile Fabrics a couple of years ago. But it's all do-able, and, except for the linen from Timmel, it's all from stash. Yippee!

So I guess I'll just see which jacket wants to be used before I go on. But I'll probably end up making all the pieces, anyway, just not sure which ones will get photographed for the 'SWAP'. It may just come down to how much time I have.

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