Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Gang aft aglye

Yeah, yeah, the best-laid plans.... (I probably misspelled 'aglye'...it's that kind of day)
I had great ones yesterday, trouble is, I didn't have 42 hours in the day. I did get our budget nearly caught up; I think I'll finish it out today and we will be current for the first time in MONTHS, and I did get some experimenting done on that ski vest: Sharpie marker is not turning the blue part black, more of a midnight blue. So I'll have to pull out the spray paint and see what happens. If that doesn't get it black, I may have to just cover the thing with gaffe tape.

But I have an appointment with an endodontist in an hour and a half...don't know if I'm going to get much at all done today.

However, to cheer myself in the face of dental trauma, I discovered that sometime over the last few days I have somehow earned another 'star' on Pattern Review! That was a pleasant surprise!

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  1. Endodontist--bleahhh!!! I don't want any more interaction with any of those "-ists". (Of course I want to keep my original teeth, too...) I hope everything turns out well.