Friday, January 06, 2006

So That's Why They Moved 'Em

Back on November 8, I posted about the costumes disappearing from the back hall at church. No biggie, we found 'em pretty quick, and figured that some VIP must've been coming to the recording studio that is on that hall and so the costumes were, um, relocated so as not to give the impression that the studio was through the closet.

I think I found out who the VIP's a good guess, anyway. The worship team at church is recording a studio worship CD and last night the choir went into the studio to do the background vocals for four of the songs. On at least one of them, Bob ('Butterfly Kisses') Carlilse had recorded some vocals. The time frame would've been right, so I wouldn't be surprised if he was the VIP for whom the costumes were moved.

And what a hoot! I'm singing background on a CD with Bob Carlisle! It was quite an interesting experience for this little back row alto to wear the headphones in the sound booth, let me tell you...

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