Monday, January 02, 2006

January Priorities

I'm not done with the costumes yet...they need to be sorted (washable vs. dry clean) and sent off to the cleaners, then put away once they're all done. I'm hoping we can even get the cleaners to launder the washable stuff instead of hauling a load a week home and doing it; one of the church administrators told me that would be ok so I'm hopefull that once I get them sorted out it will be in the cleaner's hands for a while. Then I get to figure out how we're going to organize and store all of it, but I'll deal with that when I get to it.

Meantime, there's my own sewing space to deal with. It's a mess. So I'm going to try to postpone starting any new projects until I get all the stuff that got hauled off to church and brought back put away and some order restored out there. I'll give myself up to a week ;)

Then...well, I've got a couple of jacket patterns that I've been wanting for ages to get made up and tweaked to fit. January would be a good time to work on those, I think. Plus the annual SWAP competion sponsored by Timmel Fabrics and discussed on Sewing World is singing to me, too. I haven't made the required purchase from Timmel yet, but I've got a list of 'maybes'. I'm finding myself reluctant to make the First Purchase of the year before I've got a little stash used up. Oh, well, I have until the first of March to order. I could use the black knit things I made last week as part of the SWAP if I decide to dive in.

I'll get the sewing nook restored and see what is inspiring me at that moment.

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