Friday, December 09, 2005

Dress Rehearsal Tomorrow

Gotta make at least one Belle bodice today; I got the girls into the muslins yesterday and saw what adjustments needed to be made; brought the patterns home after rehearsal last night and made the changes, so they're ready to cut when I get in this morning. Both of the girls needed extra length in the side and back; I think that's a pattern draft issue. But Miss A will be in and I do believe we'll tag team the construction somewhat. Belle 16 will wear the skirt/bodice tomorrow; I do have a backup dress for Belle 10, who doesn't play the part until Friday night's show. So we have a week on hers. Oh...and the Ruffle that Doesn't End has to be shortened 2". I'll have one of the extra helper ladies (I'm expecting at least one today) pin it up for me...then I'll cheat and run it through the Kenmore with the blind hem stitch.

To quote Ann Steeves, "This is costuming, not couture!"

You won't believe how many times I have told myself that this week. ;)


  1. Blind hem stitch is not cheating. I've just read through this entire costuming saga, and it is my opinion that you deserve to take any and all shortcuts that you can think of. :)

    This should be a great performance. The costumes are lovely and you've certainly done a great job on them. Cool how God finds a way to use your talents, eh?

  2. I've just read through your whole blog. Captivating reading since I have my own writing to do and not much time to do it.
    Take the short cuts! You deserve it!
    I'll be keeping up with your news - and thanks for your letter that sent me here!