Friday, April 03, 2009

One of Five

Sorry for such a poor photo; I don't have any means of displaying this in a vertical position (gotta get me a decent dress form one of these days!)

This was actually the sample dress, so before I could make it I had to take the skirt off and take the bodice apart.

Severe weather kind of messed with the evening; it was close to 9 PM before I got the dress apart and ready to put back together with the self-lining and the new skirt.

I was greatly encouraged to only take an hour and a half or so to get it as far as I can take it.

It needs elastic, which I don't think has been purchased yet, across the back (I just made the casing), and we're still not 100% sure how we're going to fasten the back neck. Buttons are the most likely closure, as they'll be fairly quick to do and pretty secure (can't have it coming undone in the midst of the dance! Oh, no, that wouldn't do at all!) down and four more to go.

ETA: I am *SUCH* an idiot

When I hit 'view blog' after I posted, I saw the photo and realized with a HUGE cold knot in my stomach that I forgot to put the drape on the dress!.

There's supposed to be a scrunchy drapey thing with ties on the front. I totally forgot it. Guess the whole storm discombobulation just messed me up.

Looks like I'm going to be spending some more quality time with the seam ripper.



Ok...this is the THIRD time this dress has been assembled; that should be IT.

Moving on now...and this time, you can bet I don't forget the drape! ;)

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  1. With all the sewing you're doing for others, you're entitled one tiny little error. Sew on!