Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Murphy's Law at Work

So, I went to the ladies' study night at church, took my daughters home and loaded the momvan w/sewing equipment and headed back to school (learning in the process that Starbuck's closes at 9:30, not 10 PM as I thought. Rats.)

And what did I find out?

1) The chiffon swirl skirts are uneven.

Well, duh. They have elastic waists; the girls had them on as I pinned around them. They were supposed to be on their hips, not their waists, but you know when you push something down to low hip it's going to sit higher in the back than in the front. Not even considering that more length will be required to go over the booty.

So, the simple elastic waist skirts now have a definite front and back.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it....although I may need to whack the longer bit on a couple. I *was* pinning them in the dark theater. And it is bias cut poly chiffon. ;)

But that's not the worst thing. D'ya remember those knit dresses? The ones that needed a redesigned skirt? Four of them had been cut with the narrower skirts, and two of those four were in the batch of dresses that I handed off to another mom to sew. Unfortunately, by the time I handed them over I'd completely forgotten that those two dresses had two skirts cut. So I didn't give her a heads up to make sure the fuller skirt pieces were the ones she used.

You guessed it.

2) The wrong skirts were put on the dresses and we didn't realize it until all the girls were onstage last night. And we can't find the remnants of fabric that *should* contain the correctly cut skirt pieces.

Surely I didn't throw them away...I didn't throw many of the scraps away at all; just the teeny useless pieces. I don't think. But, well, it was a long time ago and I was cutting those out at night; in fact, those were the skirts I had to re-cut the re-cut because I'd made a boo-boo on my math and didn't get them short enough. But if they don't turn up, we'll be cutting new skirt pieces.

Just goes to show it's always somethin'....

Oh, someone found a little rule in the City Schools Handbook that said if kids were kept at school past midnight for a school function they were automatically excused from the first three classes the next day. So the kids were dismissed at 11:45 last night. But I was taking apart one of the knit dresses, so by the time I got to a decent stop point and loaded up it was 12:30.

Which was still earlier than I expected.


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