Friday, April 17, 2009

Looking Ahead

With Aida opening tonight, I'm pretty much considering myself finished. I know there will be repairs and such to make, but, unless I get a call w/a specific request, I'm keeping a low profile and moving on.

'Cos there's LOTS of sewing ahead. The next urgent project will be mantles for this year's HMC 3rd year graduates. I've finally got all the materials collected (found the last three sets of tassels at Hancock's yesterday), so I can get going on those. A friend is doing the machine embroidered nametags, and next year she will also embroider the letters/numbers on the sashes themselves.

I am *so* kicking myself for not thinking of that before I spent somewhere around $40 for fusible appliques that don't quite work.

My blessed friend is going to attempt to embroider a set of twos and zeros so that I can make use of the scrawny numbers sent; we'll have to glue them on but at least they will work. Sort of. I hope.

If they don't, I'll have to swallow my angst and reorder the matching ones from the folks who were *so* not-customer-service-oriented. But that will be the last time I will do business with those people. Ever.

Anyway, that's the Next Thing. But our choir colors for the next two months have been announced and I only have one top that works for May, so I've got to get going on that. I've got one piece of silk charmeuse in the right color in the stash, and, while getting tassels at Hancock's, I found some cotton/lycra poplin in the right color, so that will hopefully turn into a shirt soon as well.

Oh, and I bought 4 Simplicity patterns, since they were a buck apiece. I'll post about those next week.

Right now, I need to go do excavation in my laundry hampers... ;)

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