Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Dark Turquoise!

That's the Choir Color (along with black) for next month. I've got one top that color that I made for Easter last year (that was the color for just that Sunday), and I've got some stretch silk charmeuse and cotton/lycra poplin in that color, as well as a poly/lycra jersey print.

The problem is, of course, making the snap decision as to which pattern to use. I'm thinking another little Loes Hinse City Dress shell top from the silk...I've only got 1 1/4 yards...but I haven't got a good idea for the stretch poplin.

And I've come to the conclusion that I need a black denim jacket. But I can't find any black denim. Has any one seen any lately?

I'm going to be cutting and sewing several things this weekend; there's stuff going on but hopefully I can squeeze some sewing in around the corners! ;)


  1. So that's what we're wearing for May? The same one from last year?!? UGH...gotta go shopping!! :0

  2. Yup...same one. And June we will be wearing jeans with either fuschia or silver gray. I have those...but not much turquoise...