Sunday, April 12, 2009

Choir Sundays 09 #14

He is risen! Christ is risen indeed!

This month's colors:Purple and/or lavender w/black

The jacket is from the first time we wore lavender in choir...4 years ago? It's Butterick 3398 and it photographs HORRIBLY. Actually, in hindsight I probably shouldn't wear it in the choir, as I'm sure the shaders in the video room have a problem with it. was pretty and it was Easter, so...oh, well...

The tank top and the scarf are RTW purchases from about 4 years ago, too; the pants are the black cotton/lycra twill La Fred Daphne pants

BTW, I did finish The Flute Player's Dress...

After tracing the next size up, I ended up whacking it back down to the size I cut last year, except for the length I added. Difference between a woven and a knit I suppose. But she's happy...and she refused to put her shoes back on after church for the picture ;).

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  1. You both look great! Your daughter's dress looks fresh, springlike and youthful.

    I couldn't help but looking down from the choir loft on Sunday and noticing the sea of pastels and spring colors in our congregation. After such a blah winter it was rather refreshing!