Monday, April 06, 2009

3 Down Now

I finished a second dress Saturday morning and took the two completed ones in to the costume decision-makers; I wasn't happy with the way they draped on the side. But the girls tried the dresses on and everyone was well pleased so...good enough.

The lady who's making the other five came over Saturday afternoon and I walked her through the parts that I've changed in the sewing order and shared a couple of tips for working with this pattern and shortly thereafter finished the third dress.

Dress 4 is about 1/2 done...I should've worked on it yesterday but, well, sometimes ya gotta catch your breath, if you KWIM.

So, my breath is caught and when I get home from work I hope to put my head down and sew so I can take the finished dresses to the sewing work night this evening. Hopefully to just spend the evening doing jobs I can spend my at home time doing at home things, like laundry and vacuuming and dish washing and maybe even a little sewing of my own...


  1. I would be totally exhausted, doing the sewing you're doing. I'm sure I don't have the stamina.

    Wishing you time for yourself.

  2. Yay! Progress is good. Keep going!

  3. ZZZzzzzz....oh, I'm sorry, did I nod off?


    I'm telling myself "two more weeks, just two more weeks..."