Friday, December 21, 2007

Just Say No

Or, how do YOU keep your family away from the Good Shears?

My good, super-sharp, wonderful Kai shears, purchased at last year's Expo, were AWOL for a couple of days, then turned up ON THE COMPUTER DESK. Where PAPER IS CUT.

DD the Elder (Life Philosophy: It's easier to get forgiveness than permission) was, of course, the culprit. She'd needed some scissors (she HAS scissors! EVERY ONE got utility scissors in their Christmas stocking last year) and maintained that these were the only ones she could find (well, they were right out on my cutting table. Imagine that).

I determined that she probably hadn't done any damage to the shears (as opposed to the time she borrowed my Fiskars to cut floral wire...but that was when she was in, oh, middle school?), then gave her a severe injunction to keep her hands OFF my good shears.

The resulting eye rolling prompted me to use a Sharpie to remind anyone looking for scissors that SOME are Off Limits.

And promptly got me labeled 'Control Freak'....oh, the injustice...

Perhaps another pair of utility scissors should show up in her stocking this year.


  1. Your little note on the scissors is much nicer than notes I've left with my things: "TOUCH THIS AND DIE."
    Don't feel bad about the scissors. Many years ago, my husband took my pair of good (expensive) Gingher Sewing Shears and cut...ready for this?...ceiling tile with them!!!!
    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...and may your scissors stay sharp!

  2. Well I do understand your pain; using a nice pair of cutting shears on paper is considered a crime in my book!

  3. I would have no hesitation in charging one of my children the cost of sharpening the scissors if they took them without permission.

  4. I can so relate to this too! But I've learned to keep MY scissors in a little basket on a shelf below my cutting table surface. Out of sight, out of grabbing temptation. Before I had this still new-ish table, I kept them in a plastic bin on a shelf that's just to the right of where the old cutting table was. Easy for me to grab, but still out of the sight of Those Who Take Things Even When They Know Better.

    Have a great Christmas, Lisa!

  5. Hi Lisa. I don't have the size household you do, but I have still run into the scissors problem. I put a giant red ribbon tied to the handles of the "good pair," knotted so the ribbon can't accidentally "fall off." Everyone in this house knows that ribbon has a meaning, and red means STOP! Seems to help. Merry Christmas. K

  6. Oh Lisa I can feel for you! One year I wrote "MOM" on my good, do not use on anything but fabric scissors. One of my daughters came up to me one day, scissors and cut paper in hand and asked "Mom, why do these scissors say WOW?" I agree with your AAArrrrrgghh label!

  7. See I have no problem going to jail over my sewing scissors - so when I say touch this and you die...I mean it! It is a very powerful deterrant! *LOL*