Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holiday Hiatus

The Christmas Holiday starts today; Sew Random will be on hiatus for a few days.

The last fabric purchase of the year arrived last night; I ordered 6 yards, but found generous cuts that added up to 7 yards in. But I'd been busy, and after the costume sewing and the Last Project sewing, I'm still a yard and a half ahead of parity. So long as I don't purchase anything in the next week (and it's not likely)...I've made it!!!

But perhaps the Last Projects were spurred by laziness, rather than foresight. I didn't want to put away the remnants from the flannel sheets, so I made sleep pants for DD and I. Then I decided we needed tops to go with them, and I found some ANCIENT cotton interlock in the stash and made some tops, trimmed with the flannel on the bias, and we have two new pairs of jammies:

I would write up what I did, but the plain truth is, aside from the Burda No-Side Seam pants that are my PJ pants, they're basically various Kwik Sew patterns all altered up and finegled...and I made it up as I went (literally). But they turned out nice, and DD loves hers (even though they're too's that making it up as I went thing...)

Anyway from all of us here at Sew Random (LOL) to all of you wonderful folks who've plodded along with me in this adventure, Merry Christmas!!


  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours! Enjoy the break and don't buy any fabric (well, anything less than 1 1/2 yards is ok, right?)!

  2. Nice jammies!!

    Merry Christmas! And well done on a full year's sewing.