Thursday, January 12, 2006

Skirt Inspiration

I saw the coolest skirt yesterday. It was a knit print, in colors I really couldn't wear, but the lines of it were very interesting. From the front, it was a basic, narrow single panel A-line, but the back panel had a horizontal seam 8 -10 inches up from the hem, and below the seam was an assymetric flounce (at least I think it was assymetric; I might be misremembering there), which draped below the front hemline.

Got all my morphing thoughts going; I may use the LH Gore Skirt pattern to approximate this for the morph requirement of this years the blue/black crossdye to go with Jacket 2. Actually, I have patterns that would be easier to morph into that style than the Gore, but since I've already made the Gore for the SWAP that's the one I'd have to morph.

I'll try and get some visuals...if the scanner ever decides to come off of 'GO'.

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