Tuesday, January 17, 2006

OOP to the Rescue

Today's topic: Picking the pattern from which to make the top that matches the blue morphed Gore Skirt. I had some criteria for it...number one, I had to be able to make it out of 1 3/8 yards of my fabric or less. Number two, it had to have a neckline that would work with the jewel neck of my Chanel-style jacket. I really debated that one, as I don't have a similar jacket in my stash (yet) to check collars against. I finally decided that 'no collar' would be the safest option at the moment. Finally, it had to work for a drapey fabric...therefore, it couldn't be too tailored. With that in mind, I headed to my pattern cabinent and started looking. I'd pulled out a couple of 'maybes' before I spotted this one:

The copyright on this pattern is 1993, which was when I had last made it. Actually, it was one of my earliest attempts at a pattern morph; I used it to try and knock off a wrap blouse w/cap sleeves...actually, just wide shoulders that approximated cap sleeves. I laid an extended-shoulder/cap sleeve pattern over it, traced it and made it. But it never really worked...the shoulder line was so wide that it bound up when I tried to move my arms. But looking at it during my pattern search, I decided it was time to try it again.

I still wanted a sleeveless top, since the armsceye was so low I didn't think it'd work under a jacket without a major overhaul to the sleeves/armsceye. But I was optimistic enough to just try it without the sleeves...just turned-and-stitched to finish the edge. Oh, and I've gained a little weight after 13 years and two more babies, so I added an inch at the side seams. I had to take 5/8" of that addition back out at the underarm/bust level, but it looks like it'll do. I've still got to put the ties on the inside and the snap on the overlap, but with any luck (and a willing photographer) I should have a review with a photo posted by the end of the day.

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