Sunday, December 11, 2005

Which Dwarf Am I?

Miss M and I worked until 12:45 AM Friday/Saturday to get what costumes were ready (and it was most of them...Belle is the only really noteable tardy) and pulled to the dressing areas at the other end of the building. She is a crossing guard with the city safety division and had to work the Rocket City Marathon yesterday; I was at Wal-Mart at 7 AM buying Febreze to spray the costumes down after rehearsal. But I was so busy tending costume issues that I didn't get dressed at all and went through my scenes in my street clothes. There are a few notes to deal with...a couple of skirts (including Belle's) need to be shortened about 2 inches, and Angel Two needs to have the side seams of her cloak opened from the shoulder to the waist so she can put her arms outside of it (I shoulda thought of it). And here's a note for future reference: every garment we make from now on will have a pocket in it that we can stick a microphone tranmitter in. Live and learn.

But I spent most of the day wondering if I were Sleepy, Grumpy or Dopey...or all three...

Next dress rehearsal Tuesday...Show opens Wendesday. I'll post some photos when I get a chance to take them.

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