Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Making Haste Slowly

I'm determined to do it right so it doesn't come apart...but it's taking a lot of time. Dress rehearsal Saturday; I'm really going to have to push it to get both Belle bodices done. And that doesn't include the dustmen or the Angel of Christmas Yet to Come or the oddball trim/mend projects that are yet to be finished. But the skirt is done to the waistband and a wee bit of trim. It's gorgeous and it weighs a ton. Well, maybe not a ton...but I'm guessing it's a good 8 pounds!

At least both Miss M and Miss A have secured time off from work for the remainder of the week, so they are planning to come in and work. We'll get as much done as we can.

And I sat up till ??? this AM putting the Christmas letters in envelopes and putting the address labels on them. Christmas isn't waiting on me to get done, either.

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