Monday, December 05, 2005

Lose One Turn

I had truly hoped to have the skirt portion of the Belle skirt finished and the muslins of the bodices ready for the girls to try on, but things were running slower than I'd hoped over the weekend. I did go in to church yesterday late afternoon -evening and got the big ruffle on the was all ready to put on and it still took THREE HOURS to gather that puppy and get it sewn down. So I was planning to go in early today and work hard.

Younger DD caught me this morning. "Mom, I don't feel good." She has a stomach-ache and a low grade fever (I think...I haven't found where we put the thermometers after the move. She feels a little warm.) So much for spending the day at church. I may leave her by herself at home just long enough for me to run down and get the bodice patterns and the measurement book; mayhap I can get the patterns altered and the muslins made at home.

Of course, I do expect stay at church Very Late tonight. Maybe I'll grab a nap sometime today...


  1. Hey Lisa! I didn't realize you had your own blog. Yay!

    Be careful with tummy trouble. The Sprout's appendix ruptured before I realized what was going on.

  2. Hi, Beth! This is kind of a new development...fortunately I've had a few good blogs to read and use as examples ( :D) I think DD's got a viral the day wore on yesterday she complained of a headache more than anything. It followed the normal kid pattern...perk up during the day, feel crummy again at night. We've got to figure out the make-up work policy at the new seems to me they're pretty strict about the kids getting their work in after they've been sick. Gotta find the parent handbook and check up on it. They never get sick when you have time to deal with it, do they?