Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Cleanup Time

That's all that's left...but boy, is there a bunch of cleanup! Not the least at home, where I don't think the sound of a vacuum cleaner has been heard since Thanksgiving. But I got the reviews all posted yesterday, before I forgot what I did, and if you click on 'My Reviewed Patterns' on the sidebar you'll see them...the five most recent reviews are all costumes.

And the Christmas packages are all going out in the mail this morning; yesterday was a shopping and wrapping marathon. Still not done, but at least what is left will not have to be mailed anywhere.

But the first order of business on today's agenda is grocery shopping...somehow that didn't get done very well in the last few weeks either and the larder is pretty bare.

And I'm already trying to decide which of my delayed personal sewing projects I'm going to tackle first. It would be so nice to get a few more yards on the 'yards out' total for the year. I'm so close to fabric parity...(current totals: 121.5 yards in/103 yards out...not including any costume sewing)

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