Friday, August 28, 2009

Never Fails

I get the biggest shot of inspiration when I can do nothing about it.

My little jaunt to Coldwater Creek yesterday didn't just net me a new jacket; I saw some great clothes that I'd love to sit down and knock off.

Jackets w/short sleeves...or just little cap sleeves. Shirts w/ruffles. Knit tops w/stretch lace lower edges.

I wish I'd had time to visit the dressing room and take phone pictures for future reference.

But. I have a week to make the jester costume. I've got the Bible Costume pattern pulled out for the tunic; I want to at least cut that out first, so I know how much fabric I have left for the hat.

And the directions for the hat that Nancy found for me online are, um, incomplete. I also think they've shown sewing the incorrect sides together...all the pieces are connected, then the instructions say to 'try on the hat'. But at that point, it's a flat thing. No hat to try on.

But it is a starting point...I think I'll get some scrap fabric and play around w/the shapes to see if I can get it to work.

Oh...and I tried looking at other patterns for Jester Hats, but the next place I checked had one of those 'hijack the computer' pop-ups (doesn't take 'no' for an answer) and I had to CNTRL-ALT-DEL to kill it. Now I'm scared to look farther...Yeesh.

Anyway, with my jacket purchase I received a coupon good for 25% off an entire purchase anytime next week. If I finish the jester costume, I may treat myself to a little snoop shopping spree. There's a JJill and an Anthropologie in that same complex...maybe I'll take the digi cam along...


  1. Hi Lisa, I am a longtime lurker (love the blog!) I have a jester hat pattern Butterick 4313. You are welcome to have it if you think you'll still have time to whip it up quickly after waiting for it to come in the mail (I'm in NJ). If it would help, I can scan directions and e-mail to you as a guide for drafting something yourself. I can be contacted at

    good luck!

  2. Don't forget that Coldwater Creek has a website and you can always snoop shop there. Anthropologie and JJill too!

  3. Now that's one way to look at it! I'd definitely say a snoop shopping trip like that would be motiviation for me!

  4. I do check the online stores; and I whack up the catalogs that come in the mail, too, but it's so nice to finally have the stores close enough to look at the clothes live and in person.

    Elaine, thanks so much for your kind offer! I did find another 'howto' on the Thread Banger site that I think I can adapt ok for what I need. I just had to make sure I only clicked on links w/green checkmarks ;)