Monday, August 24, 2009

Jester Costume Coming Up

Made a stop at the 'Wal-Mart that still has a fabric department' today to pick up jester costume fabric. The Drama Teacher wanted Mardi Gras colors -- purple, green and gold. I looked over the buck and a half table; there was a nice dark yellow poly fabric, but nothing to go with it. So I ended up getting three pieces of poplin from the $2 shelf.

I hope to git 'er done this weekend; he'd really like to have the costume by Sept. 3 or 4 (the performance date is Sept. 9)

Now, all I have to decide I want to use the green and purple for the body, with the gold on sleeves and accent, or do I want purple and gold for the body with green for accent, or shall I use green and gold on the body and the purple for accent?

The Actor would probably prefer the garment to have as little purple on it as possible.

Hm. Decisions, decisions....


  1. oops, sorry the jester hat pattern isn't the best. But you're an experienced costume sewer and I feel sure you can work it out. Your version will probably be even better!

  2. I didn't realize until I started working on that the directions had problems...someone went to a lot of trouble to diagram it all out but there's some goofs there! Thanks for you help; you did point me in the right direction!