Sunday, August 23, 2009

Choir Sundays 09 #32

This month's colors: Brown, purple and/or mustard yellow w/blue jeans

The bootcut Lees were clean this week ! ;)

So, with them I'm wearing the Vogue 2975 top from brown poly blend crepe and the brown denim eyelet McCall's 5191 jacket.

I did some sewing yesterday and got my brown Jalie cardi done to the buttons...then discovered that I only had 4 brown buttons; I need 6. So I'll have to make a Hancock's run before I can finish it...


  1. Great look! You also look at least 10 pounds lighter than last week. ;>) Yea bootcut!

  2. LOL, Peg! I need to get those Jalie stretch bootcut pants tested and in the queue....