Sunday, August 30, 2009

Choir Sundays 09 #33

This Month's Colors: Brown, purple, and/or mustard yellow w/blue jeans
Yay! I finally finished another item for the closet! The twinset is from an amazing heathery brown rayon/lycra jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics. I originally ordered just a yard to make the Jalie 965 tank top, but the fabric was sooo incredibly nice that I had to order another piece to make a matching cardi. I decided to try Jalie 2566, and I finally got the buttons on the cardigan last night.

The jeans are the Lee bootcuts again; I've got the Jalie bootcut pattern; maybe I'll get to it one of these days. It would be *so* nice to have a TNT jeans pattern that won't ever be discontinued by the manufacturer... ;)

Oh, just so you know...I have an 'unscheduled' blogging break next week (reasons will be explained on the other blog...not to worry, just a break); so I'll see you back next Sunday!


  1. This looks great on you, Lisa! Very nice job.

  2. I like it too, it looks really comfy.

    BTW - on the odd occasion I've gone over to your other blog and read up your latest posts - very thought provoking - thank you.

  3. Thanks, Claire...the other blog gets very few hits; it's encouraging to hear someone has read it! ;)