Thursday, December 14, 2006

Two tops done

When you've got a bad cold, it's hard to do anything much. Budget takes too much concentration. Cleaning house takes too much energy. Even addressing Christmas cards was beyond my focus.

But I can sew. Dunno why I can do that and not the other stuff. So, I carted some lotion-coated tissues to the sewing nook and cranked out two tops...the Jalie 2005 for DD and the Vogue 8323 princess t for me. I did reviews (see the link on the sidebar...the Jalie review is an update from 2004)on them, if you're wanting details.

Today I have to do some Christmas errands, cold or not. I'll try not to breath on people. ;)


  1. Lisa,

    Awesome looking tops! Perhaps the cold is an advantage of sorts. Thanks for the tips on what to do with the arm hole issues with the Vogue pattern. I see what you mean about the fit being in the pattern shaping. Nice!

  2. Nice tops! Don't you love the Vogue top. Your posting of it on your site got me to buy it. I love the fit of it and think it is and will be flattering on a lot of people.