Friday, December 15, 2006

Must Mend

DD came downstairs today wearing the same jeans she'd worn all week (eww). Turns out her other two pairs are both in the mending (my bad). I tried to get her to change into her dressy pants, but she fiddled around until it was too late to change. So, she went to school in those same jeans...again....

Looks like I'm going to be patching jeans again. Immediately.



  1. Yep. Been there. It's that or the pants are such shape that I can't fix them even with cool patches, etc.

    I've been trying to post repsonses all week and finally figured it out - been trying to sign in with my Blogger account, but I think if you are using the Beta I have to sign in with my Google account. Ugh. So, your dd's latest skirt and top are great - she's a very pretty young lady! I love your, tee, too. It's neat that the color looks great on both on you, even though your coloring is different.

  2. Summerset, I'm not sure what's going on w/the sign-in; it's snagged me on a couple of other sites, but I thought it was because I'd switched to Beta and so the old Blogger id wasn't good anymore. Have you switched?

    Anyway, I've figured that if I've signed in to beta to check my own blog, I can post comments to others w/o having to re-sign in each time.
    Although of late I've had to enter TWO different 'word verification' puzzels for each and every comment posted.

    Gee, just when you get the system figured out, it changes...

    and don't get me started on the new yahoo photo site... !!!!

  3. LOL. No joke, we get it figured out and they switch it. Sort of like my husband and the entertainment room, he switches stuff and changes all the remotes right after I figure out how it all works.

    No, I haven't switched to the Beta yet. I think it's only those blogs which have switched where I need to sign in with the google account which is compatable with the Beta. On my own blog, I can sign in with the blogger account.

    I suppose I can add switching to the Beta to my list of things to do and see if my theory is true . . .

  4. I can't sew worth a lick, but I'm enjoying your blog. :) Oh, and I haven't switched to Beta yet either...