Saturday, December 16, 2006

No Excuses

Ok, last year I was behind on Christmas shopping/baking/house cleaning/decorating/etc., because I was sewing 60 hours a week for Scrooge. Somehow, though, I did have my cards (well, the annual family Christmas Epistle) in the mail by this time last year, Scrooge or no Scrooge.

This year, I only did a pinch of sewing for the Nightmare on Scrooge Street knock-off; I've been shopping off and on and I only have a couple of more people to pick up things for and I'm done.

But the Epistles still aren't mailed; neither is the package that's going to DH's brother in California. And we've got one day short for mailing this year; it's gotta be there by the 23rd, since the 24th is Sunday.

I didn't realize that until yesterday.

And we even talked about mailing all the other gifts, too, just in case the flu or a nasty winter storm hits anywhere in the family; that way, we could just batten down the hatches and stay home. But, since I don't have everything that would need to be mailed, I guess that's not an option. Or, at least, it's not an option that would work by Christmas. We could still send the stuff...they'd still get it before New Year's Day....

That is an emergency back up plan only.

And I refuse to go the the malls this weekend... ;)

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