Friday, December 01, 2006

The Easiest Christmas Present

(Well, I loaded the photos to a draft post on Friday so I could quickly post this on Saturday the 2nd...but it's showing as being posted on Friday instead of Saturday....
I just learned something about posting that I'm glad to know: You can't draft posts ahead to publish at a later time, if you want the post date to be different than the day you draft)

This will absolutely be the easiest gift I'll give this year....
DS had a favorite sweatshirt; he'd pull it on, with a towel, and, with tongue firmly in cheek, proclaim, 'All Star Man to the Rescue!'. He was heartbroken when I finally convinced him that it was getting way too small, even for fun, and the last time it went through the wash, I stashed it, rather than putting it in his 'clean' basket. I think he believes it has gone to the Goodwill bin.

However, I had other wasn't tricky to do, but if you want the (very few) details, you can check the Review for a Sweatshirt Pillow. I intend to wrap it and give it to him for Christmas...won't he be surprised?


  1. Cute idea and pillow! Re Blogger drafts ... I'm thinking if you cut/paste into a new entry with the correct date, maybe that will work? Strange that it wouldn't be dated on the actual post date. Might be something to report to Blogger?

  2. Hmmm... I bet that'd work! I don't think I'll try to do that w/this post, but I'll definitely try it next time the situation arises.... Thanks, Debbie!