Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday Miscellany

Still no progress on the feed problem...I've checked all my settings and it is properly set to allow the full feed; but there appears to be no consistency in the error. Bloglines is getting errors on both atom and rss feeds; but there are blogs that are syndicating w/both those that are coming through ok. All Blogger blogs, too, btw; and I think some of the working ones have switched to Beta, (Gaylen? Yours is an atom feed that's coming through ok...have you switched?) so I can't say it's Beta that's causing the problem. But it does appear to be a Blogger issue, since I don't think/haven't noticed problems on non-blogger blogs. Sigh. Maybe I'll have to join the blogger google group so I can report the problem...

But, on the sewing front, I got the holiday jacket cut out over the weekend, using my spiffy new ruler. Contrary to expectations, I haven't located the old one yet, but I did get very nice 7/8" wide strips of the faux suede with the new one.

Maybe I'll get some sewing time while the turkey's cooking on Wednesday... ;)

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  1. Lisa - yep, I switched to beta last weekend. I had fun playing with the layout and colors on the blog.