Friday, November 10, 2006

I switched!

I finally made the switch from the old Blogger to new Beta Blogger; I guess it will be a good thing.

I thought switching would bring back my pretty script print and print on the brown background, but it didn't. A little investigating...and I think part of that is that my filtered ISP is blocking the images; they have issues with blogger/blogspot and I've had to individually clear anything that comes with a blogger dot com address. So, I give up. I guess everyone but me can likely see the pretty background, so I'll just live with the boring ol' brown that I see. (Question: CAN anyone else see the flowers on the brown background?)

And I'll manually switch the labels to italics...or maybe the script font is available to me; I'll have to look.

Meantime, I've got a BUNCH of past posts to go back and's a little tedious, but not as bad as I expected.

Oh, for Bloglines subscribers...I've heard that switching to Beta has messed up some feed subscriptions; you might just check and make sure everything switched ok.

I finished the flannel sheets last to come....


  1. I'm afraid of switching, LOL. Was it hard??? I've waffled switching completely over to typepad or one of the sub kind.

    In any case, I CAN see the flowers ;) It's just you I guess!


  2. It wasn't nearly as traumatic as I expected, LOL! And there are some cool things that the new blogger can do...such as label the posts by category.

    Yeah, I can thank for the extra secure image blocking...I guess there must be some truly objectionable images on blogger somewhere. Ah, well. At least the rest of the world can see the pretty background... ;)

  3. I can see the flowers on the brown background.

    I have thought about switching to Blogger Beta, but I am so concerned I will lose everything.

    What was your decision to go ahead and switch? Just curious. I want to take the plunge but!!!!!!

  4. I'm with Jemima bean and linda. I'm afraid of switching too! I guess you're the trailblazer, maybe I'll venture forth also. And by the way, I CAN see the flowers on the background.

  5. Linda, if you click on the links to find out more about Beta Blogger, there's a goodly amount of info there; among that is a little statement that sooner or later everyone will be required to switch. I guess I was just waiting till I had a little time to walk through it w/o feeling rushed. Friday was just a good time for me. But it really wasn't difficult or scary at all.

    Bloglines, however, is doing some flaky things with it. You can tell when someone switches, because they'll suddenly have, like, 24 new feeds. And, for some reason, my very first post showed up as a new update today. Don't get that one...but, maybe there's a reason for it. At least the new posts really are coming through.