Thursday, November 17, 2005

Um, Look but don't Touch, Please

I got four slightly-sewing-experienced Master's Commission students for 2 hours yesterday afternoon; they cranked out a good day's worth of tedious tasks for me and I'm EXTREMELY grateful! Big help! One of the girls sewed the small amount of sparkly (green sequins) that I'd pinned to the Angel 2 dress down for me; left the dress hanging on the end of one of the rolling racks that are now resident in Ye Olde Dresse Shoppe (aka sewing room). As I've mentioned, this room is basically a thoroughfare between rooms and it's smack in the middle of the area in which the girls have their Wednesday night club classes. All the girls who walked through the area had to stop and google at the dress. After about the fifth time it was handled and admired I finally wised up and moved it to the center of the rack, where it wasn't quite so obvious. It is (or was at one time, anyway) a sort of white dress, after all.

But it's kind of gratifying to see all the oohs and aahs...nice to know other folks think it's pretty. I've pinned on a circle of the green trim at about knee level on the front of the skirt; it looks a little better balanced, I think. If the director agrees with me, I'll sew it down and I think I'll put some of the sequin trim on that, too, but that'll be it. I don't want to overdo it.

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