Friday, November 04, 2005


Ok, one more thing off the 'things I want to do someday' list...start the blog. Now, if I can figure out where to put info in the Profile, we'll be all set to go.

Some will know me from Pattern Review and/or Sewing World, but I suppose a few surfing souls may just have picked this up at...random... so, until I get the profile located and up to speed, here are the basics:
I sew. A lot. And I love to write/talk about sewing with other folks who also enjoy the creative process. I've got four kids, ranging in age from 9 to nearly 20 (ack!) and a wonderful hubby, and there will no doubt be references to them. We moved this summer into a much larger house than we'd lived in for the last 20+ years, and my sewing nook is in the laundry upgrade from the garage, where I had the sewing stuff all set up for several years. Now I get to be creative in a space with actual heat and AC...even if it is a little small. Someday I'll clean it up and post a photo.

Current major project: Costuming 'The Gospel According to Scrooge', which is being presented at our church, The Rock Family Worship Center in December...lots of discussion about that in the next few weeks! I've got a few little side projects going, too, but that will be the Main Thing. Actually, I bit the bullet and started the blog because the costuming discussion thread on the PR discussion board was a bit, um, one sided? Anyway, I'm off in a bit today to (hopefully) finish tracing off dress patterns for the garments that must be made from scratch this year.

Anyway, this should be a fun adventure...not much time to work on the blog learning curve but at least I won't be monopolizing the Sew Along so much!


  1. Hi Lisa
    I'm glad to see you're have a natural gift for putting words together. I realize it'll take some time before you find your voice and it's hard to write to an invisible audience (like standing on stage with the spotlight on you and you can't see/hear the audience).

    If I had one piece of advice for you, it would be to write as you're inspired to do; not according to what you think people want to read. Also, don't feel as tho you have to write about sewing. I was attracted to your comments because you were witty and smart; not because you wrote about sewing. Anybody -or so it seems (sew it seams?) writes about sewing much to my boundless dismay. While people may find you because of it, it's not why you'll keep them.

  2. Thanks, Kathleen! You've hit my intention pretty squarely...mostly sewing, some other stuff, whatever happens to be stewing that day. I think my primary goal at the onset is just going to be to get into the habit of posting every day. Having a reasonable expectation of seeing something new is what keeps me returning to my favorite blogs, even if the 'something new' may or may not be something I'm personally interested in.

  3. Hi Lisa,

    I love reading about other people who love sewing as much as I do. More power to ya.