Sunday, November 13, 2005

Frump City

The fabric with the adolescent tendancy to argue had been brought into submission; I finished the blouse from it last night and wore it to church today. The blouse itself worked fairly well; I thought that fabric was just playing control games and I was right. However, a look at the photo I posted with the review on PR reveals a hairstyle that makes me look frumpier than any old blouse would. Sigh. It's just that icky in between stage; I'm letting it grow out so that it won't be so difficult to deal with when Scrooge hits the stage in a little over 4 weeks. (Deep breaths, Lisa, don't panic!). As soon as the show's over I can get it cut into something a little more fashionable, I hope. However, it has occurred to me that if I get it cut I'll just have to go through this growing-out bad hair season all over again next year. Maybe I'll just buy a hat and let it grow on out. Either way I'll be a resident of Frump City for some time.

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