Saturday, November 19, 2005

Bloomer Party

We're going to try to get 12 pairs of girls bloomers made today from ironing the yardage to finished product. Miss A and Miss M, my costuming co-conspirators, will join me, of course, but there are about three or four other ladies who have also indicated they will come. It's a stack-and-whack and sit-and-sew; hopefully we'll get 'em done.

Wouldn't you know, there are about 4 other things going on at church today...we're heading in Very Early to hopefully snag enough tables that we can have at least two cutting stations.

And for some strange reason I stayed up WAY late re-reading (well, skimming) Dune. I kept asking myself, 'Why don't you go to bed?' but I didn't have a good answer. The best I could come up with is that it was nice to have some free chill time...even if it was when I could have been profitably sleeping. So it may be a sit-and-YAWN-and-sew-and-YAWN for me.

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