Thursday, November 10, 2005

Two Birds with One Post

Ok, I was so pleased with the way the two dresses I talked about yesterday were coming together that I decided I'd post a photo of them as WIPs and also experiment with photo posting. Now I'm wishing I'd taken 'Before' photos of these dresses, too...but I didn't realize what I did to them would make them look so different. Oh, well, I'll remember that next time! Anyway,here goes: First up is the Wedding Dress, I'm guessing that it's from around 1976, in the process of being redesigned to be worn by the Angel of Christmas present. I think I will also take the motifs of the trim and use them to make a wreath CF on the skirt. Dear Director wants some sparkle on this dress, too; I'm going to have to see what I can find. Bad sparkle would look worse than no sparkle!

I also have the magenta dress, trimmed with the lace that came off of one sleeve from the wedding dress. There's a faded out spot on the front of the skirt of this dress; I've got a huge lace applique that was salvaged off of a hopelessly stained skirt that will cover it nicely.

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