Saturday, April 20, 2024

A little tomfoolery...

 So, nearly 7 years of planning came to fruition last week when the total eclipse went right over my parents' farm.

The kids came up from Florida.  My sister and her family came in from NY state and Pennsylvania.  

It was a family reunion...and a perfect day.

The best picture was taken by The Artist, who climbed up on the tallest grain bin to get his vantage point.

If you click on the picture to make it bigger you can even see Venus.  The house I grew up in is there in the trees, lol.

My ever practical hubby waited until after the event to order T shirts....he wanted to make sure the weather cooperated and we actually saw it, lol.

We saw the  2017 eclipse at Tennessee's Fall Creek Falls State Park, so the shirt he picked was appropriate.

If you look really, really'll see two red French knots indicating the approximate locations where we were when we saw them.  It was kinda frustrating, because the map isn't accurate...the 2017 path is marked too far south, and this year's path is marked too far north.  

Ok, adding a closer shot because I could just barely see them in the other:

So, yeah, very approximate, lol.

A wee bit of Fray Check on the back to make sure the knots stay knotted and...custom shirts, lol.

The next Big National Eclipse will be in 2045.  I'll be 86.  Not sure I'll make that one, lol.  But if I'm still around I'm sure I'll try.  

It's that cool. 


  1. Wow - wonderful that you've seen two solar eclipses - how cool is that?!? We were not in the path of totality here in Philadelphia so it was more like an overcast day this time but still different and interesting. I have heard that being where it is total is just incredible and amazing! The heavens declare the glory of God!

    1. Oh, I totally understand jumping in the Lear Jet to see the total eclipse, lol. I was telling everyone...if it's possible to get to the total, go! Nothing like it ever. The next one will be parallel to the 2017 path, but farther south...over southern Alabama and most of the Florida peninsula (can you IMAGINE how crazy Disney World will be when that eclipse happens? ).


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