Monday, May 22, 2023

So Much for Productivity...

Pulled out the veggies to start prepping dinner tonight and realized the knife that I'd thought I'd cleaned last night still had some dried bits of shallot stuck to it.  Those were stubborn little boogers; I started scrubbing at them with the nylon scrubber and...suddenly my hand slipped off. The momentum of the movement didn't stop, however, and the result was that I slammed my index finger right into the cutting edge of the knife.

About an hour later we were headed home from urgent care and  I had four stitches.  We were literally in and out in about 20 minutes.  THAT is miraculous right there, lol.  I was able to make an appointment and fill out...well, have My Sweet Babboo fill out...the registration paperwork online before we left.  When we put in the reason for the visit...'Cut accident" we got a pop up message that this could be a life-threatening situation and I should consider going to the ER. 

Um, I think it's gonna be ok....

Fortunately it hit the side of the knuckle first, which probably is the only thing that kept me from severing things like nerves and tendons.  I don't know that it cut to the bone but I can't imagine that it didn't.  It was a very sharp knife, I hit it hard and there isn't much meat there to begin with.  And it bled like nobody's business.  But, since the cut is at the knuckle, I have to wear the splint at least until the stitches are removed next week. Bending it could pop the stitches.

So.  Looks like I'm going to be reading and catching up on streaming programs for the next couple of weeks.

I had gotten the jacket muslin put together but it was too slim through the torso.  Altered up the pattern...good ol pivot and slide...and was ready to give it another go.  But that's gotta wait now.

And you wouldn't believe how many typing errors I had to go back and correct...some SEVERAL times.  Gonna be a fun couple of weeks at work...


  1. This happened to me in January, only it was my thumb. It was on a Saturday so we went to Urgent Care. The practitioner who stitched it made it flexible and it hasn’t healed properly. I wish she would have put a splint on like yours.

    1. I think I got off could have been so much worse on so many ways...


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