Saturday, March 30, 2024

Hey! A New Top!

 So I didn't think I would be doing ANY sewing for myself any time soon.  The church choir has dropped the 'seasonal color' thing we've done for so long and are just wearing, well, Janice Rigg's 'Common Wardrobe'...without realizing it, lol.  Denim with neutrals.  So, I more choir-driving sewing.

But.  Turned out that only sorta applies.  We got word early this week that for Easter we are to wear kind of a salmony pink or a turquoise/aquaish blue, with the neutrals.

Thought I had something that would work, but the scales have crept up a bit over the last year was too snug.

So, what to do, what to do.  I had a sweater the right color in the closet, but I needed a top to go under it.

Dug around in the stash and found a stripy knit print that I got for the Hydrangea wardrobe.  

Timestamp on this photo is 1:26 PM

Time stamp on this photo is 4:08.

Of course, if this had been The Great British Sewing Bee I would have had about an hour and a half to do that, but I went carefully and did a couple of extra steps to hopefully keep things humming along.  Something hosed up in the tension on the double needle hem so it's a wee bit tunneled, but that'll be our secret.  At least the pinks match...

I need something I can get on and off quickly because I will have about 15 minutes to change into my bible costume after the choir leaves the platform before I have to be in place for the mini-production we're doing this year.  And then, when that's done...change back to the choir clothes to repeat the process for second service. 

I will take a mesh bag to put over my head so I don't smear the makeup.  Hopefully. LOL.

But at least I have made SOMETHING for myself this year...


  1. And your virtual cheering sections goes wild, doing the wave around the stadium. Enjoy the services, then find some joy and comfort with family. He IS risen! Chris in FL

    1. LOL!!! Thanks, Chris, and a Happy Resurrection Sunday to you as well!

  2. Wow - that was fast, and very nice, too! Allelulia!!!


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