Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Jester-ish Costume

Most of the Jester hat patterns I found were either for knitters, or called for craft foam and glue. And neither of the two sewing patterns were created by folks who actually sew...they were created by people who wanted Jester hats and got creative enough to try them. One was, as I said earlier, incomplete in the directions and incorrectly diagrammed. The other, which was the the one I actually adapted was for plastic. But at least it gave a direction.

I probably goofed by making the crescents smaller than were diagrammed; I didn't want a mammoth jester hat; this is for a little skit and it only has to suggest a jester. So I reduced the measurements a bit...and ended up with a hat that didn't have enough room for the top of The Actor's head.

'Costuming, not couture!'...I opened the seams at the top for about 2", folded the points back and added a hexagonal gusset. Laid the scrap of purple on top of the Actor's head, put the opened up hat on top and just pinned it all to fit; then I zig-zagged around the fold and trimmed all the excess away underneath.

Not at all precise but it worked. I stuffed the crescents lightly w/ can see how Very Excited The Actor is with his new hat:

He didn't like the stuffed points at all; after some discussion I let him pull the poly fill out and he was happier. 'Happier' still not meaning pleased, you understand...just less disgusted...

The tunic was easy...a modification of my favorite Bible costume pattern, McCall's 2339. It might've been better a little longer...or if I'd've cut the ragged edges a little more shallow, but I think it'll do.

I'm sure I have some jingle bells around somewhere but I've looked everywhere I *think* I should've put 'em and I haven't found them yet. If I find 'em, I'll sew a bell on each point on the hat.

We'll see what The Director says...


  1. LOL, he doesn't look too impressed with the points stuffed does he? Great job tho! Very jestery.

  2. No, he's Not At All Happy w/the stuffed points...but The Director has checked the photos and MUCH prefers the stuffed points, so stuffed it will be! ;)

  3. LOL it's cute, and I like the stuffed points better too! Poor Actor, suffering for his art!

  4. Cute! That's the kid and the hat!

  5. Well, it does look like a jester, so at least you've done your job there! I'm sure it will be fine, stuffing and all.