Sunday, August 16, 2009

Choir Sundays 09 #31

This month's colors:Brown, purple and mustard yellow w/blue jeans.
Along with the straight-leg Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, I'm wearing my McCall's 5191 Jeans Jacket, made from stretch denim eyelet, and Vogue 8323, from purple cotton/lycra.

Sigh. I wish I looked better in jeans. Probably doesn't help that we had a feast of a dinner out today to celebrate 29 years of marriage...and this picture was taken *after* a huge meal. Ooofff.

I'll exercise tomorrow. ;)


  1. I finally learned that boot cut jeans are my friends. Straight leg and skinny cut jeans don't do women without the perfect young bodies any favors, imo. I need the extra width at the bottom of the pant legs to balance my upper body. ("Boot cut" is not anywhere near the old "bell bottom" size pants, btw!) I look much more balanced.

  2. Here's happy anniversary congratulations!

  3. Yeah, Peg, I've pretty much come to the same conclusion. But, my bootcut jeans had been in the was and, since I line dry them, they weren't dry yet. So I was stuck w/these...LOL...

    Thanks for the good wishes, ladies! :D

  4. Happy Anniversary! 29 years... congratulations!
    The DH and I celebrated a slightly smaller number this weekend, 3, but happy years are still worth celebrating no matter the number!

    And that's a mighty cute assisatnt you have there. Good luck with the off the counters thing... I never learned the trick there.