Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Search For Christmas

Our live nativity turned into a multi-media family service, 'Blu's Search for Christmas' (um, Blu is a goofy blue gorilla puppet; he's one of the characters our children's pastor has used for years; I'm pretty sure he predates the popular blue dog) on Christmas Eve morning. We'll be out of town, but I went down today and helped pull some costumes for the kids who will be participating. You can tell how thrilled they are with the whole wait-for-lights-and-sound-and-etc-to-be-right deal as they waited to shoot the video version that will air on our tv spot Sunday morning.

It's interesting; all our stashed kids' costumes are for kid characters...that is, they're for the Easter production in which the kids play first century children. For this project, the kids were to be adult characters... Joseph, Mary and shepherds. I really had to scramble to get them costumes that were long enough without swallowing them whole, and find head drapes that sort of worked. I'll readily admit that we have severe clashing of pattern and color going on...but as it's just kids and puppets(i.e., obviously not intended to be realistic) we can get away with it. Sort of.

So, I suppose at some time we need to make some kid-sized adult character costumes. I'll put that on the 'To-Do' list...

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  1. I donated a middle-eastern looking caftan/bathrobe my husband had to our church.

    We enjoy it turning up regularly in a cut-down version as a wiseman or shephard.