Saturday, December 09, 2006

Nightmare on Scrooge Street

We just couldn't leave Scrooge alone; last night's skit was a complete parody of the original production and included a ranting, shrewish Pegarty (Scrooge's maid); an absent Angel 1, The Queen of the Trailer Parks for Angel 2, a Southern Belle who collected donations for the poor and beat Scrooge w/her purse, an Animal Trainer who couldn't get her collection of birds to speak with a British accent and the afore-mentioned pint sized Angel 3, who appeared to be from the Island of Perpetual Tickling (a reference to Veggie Tales)...not to mention a kilt-wearing Scrooge who spoke w/a thick Scottish brogue. The final song was a parody of the much-repeated song at the end of the true production, modified so as to be meaningful to the deacons...and it just so happens that our church elder, who is over the deacon ministry, is named went together well.

We got some serious practice at operating under adverse conditions, though. There were communication glitches, and the folks that were planning the party didn't realize we had planned to be the evening's entertainment...they thought we were doing a little five-minute thing that would fit in w/all the other entertainment planned. We had no idea there was other entertainment planned, so instead of performing while folks were munching dessert and drinking coffee, we ended up doing our bit while the main course was served. And, due to technical difficulties, the dinner ended up being served in the cavernous, dark,echoing fellowship hall instead of our youth we weren't even on stage, but just kind of at one end of the room.

I think the three tables who were right in front where they could actually see and hear were amused...and everyone 'got' the song at the end...but it was too bad that the work we did wasn't able to be presented as we had hoped. Still, it was a good training exercise for the troupe, and it was fun to put together. And we learned a bit about being specific in communication... ;)

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