Thursday, November 09, 2006

Pattern Acquistion Day

I had to go to Hancock's to get some light blue thread for the sheets (I decided I wanted the top hem on the top sheet to be sewn with matching thread). Just my luck that three --THREE!!!-- pattern lines were on sale: Vogue, McCall's and Butterick. I managed to resist any McCall's, but I had to have Butterick 4929...I have some printed stretch cotton lycra that I got from Fabric Mart a few months back that will be PERFECT for the pointy-back version. And while I was there, I also picked up Vogue 8319, 2926, and 8323

Now I just need to find some nice stretch lining to go under my stretch cotton... ;)


  1. Oh. My. Goodness! I just had to come in here. Just had to. Now there are *more* patterns on my list. Thanks, Lisa...

  2. ok...inquiring minds want to know...which ones?

    If I made up a new pattern every day for the next year I might get all my patterns sewn...assuming, of course, I don't get any more!

  3. I really like the patterns you choose - in fact, I recently purchased all of them (with the exception of V8319) myself! However, I just saw 8319 made up at the sewing expo and now I think I want that one also.