Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New Magazines

Well, my shopping foray yesterday got me no farther than the local Toys R Us and Books A Million (they're side-by-side). I'll just say I did better than I expected at those two shops, but I broke one of my Personal Christmas Shopping Commandments:

Thou shalt not buy anything for thyself.

But I figure I'm pretty safe; my 'for me' purchases were two magazines: Australian Stitches (I couldn't find a website name in my issue) and Belle Armoire. Of course, I'd heard of Stitches a long time ago, since I've participated in all three of Timmel Fabrics' SWAP contests. I've even perused a copy or two, but held off purchasing. Belle Armoire is fairly new to me; I saw a post about it on one of the boards and thought it looked interesting. Lots of boutiquey-looking art-to-wear; dunno if I'll ever really attempt any but it's wonderful eye candy.

I've only just skimmed over them so far; it's quite an adjustment to read an Aussie sewing mag, in which Spring '06 is the current season. I've been trying to figure out if the fashions they're seeing now will be what is in our stores in six months, or if it's what was in our stores six months ago, or if the designers do separate collections for the Southern Hemisphere. I suspect the Aussie Spring '06 is a preview of the Northern Hemisphere's Spring '07...but I'm really a fashion klutz, so don't take my guessing seriously! the interest of full confession, I also bought a copy of Dell's latest collection of Logic Puzzles. I'd rather work those things than Sudoku...


  1. Belle Armoire is an interesting mag - while I don't immediately love every piece in every issue, I do get inspiration from it. (It doesn't hurt that I've had a garment or three published by them!)

  2. Forgot - I love those logic puzzles, too! Sudoku's not quite my thing, but I do like some of the other math puzzles.

  3. That is too funny...I actually thought of you when I was reading the article on designing garments according to the venue of the competition. No kidding. "This looks like something Somerset would do!" is exactly what crossed my mind...

    Hm. Maybe I'll put a subscription on my Christmas wish list... ;)

  4. bad. I've been shopping all day and my spelling skills seem to be off line at the moment.

    Sure wish we could edit these comments!

  5. I know which article you mean, but Justine Limpus Parish. She's writing a series of articles about that style of art garment. When I grow up, I'd love to be as talented as her!

  6. I meant "by", not "but". Yes, there is no ability to edit!